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2015 Aktuell EN

Tenth anniversary - reduced entry fees

Here comes another delicacy to complete our yesterday´s announcement for the 10th GE-2015: For the TENTH anniversary we are putting TEN starting-tickets on the table for an extremely reduced price.

If everything runs as planned, then we´ll put the sign-in-page online on TUESDAY, 10th OF JUNE at 20:00 hr,
so all of you got enough time now to set their alarms.

Download Flyer



2015 Aktuell EN


The time has come: the SAHARA-RALLYE GRAND ERG is having it´s 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!!

And this is really asking for the special thing ! After intensive studies about the last 9 rallyes, as well as the feedback to our GE-2014 survey, we are planning
the big thing:

is gonna be the motto of the GE-2015:

  • We´ll take on the big dunes of the southern military sector and are going to visit El Borma
  • According to our survey´s output, there will be TWO 2-day-marathon-stages,
      this time even with scheduled refule-stops
  • We´ll try and out-run the 2000-km-special-stage-mark
  • In addition to the "traditional" tourist-trip, we´ll offer a motorbike-challenge
  • The Challenge-Class will be off the leash: up to 100% race-tracks (as you choose)

To cut a long story short: as MUST for every desert-driver!!!

Once more, we´ll offer a customized event for everybody´s demands, from "just want to scent the desert spirit" up to "the hardest thing, i´ve ever seen".

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2014 Latest

GE 2014: more media output

Have a look at this new videos of the stage 05 and stage 06 by Thomas Schug:

Video of stage 05 by Thomas Schug

Video of stage 06 by Thomas Schug

2014 Latest

GE 2014: even more media output

I am stunned: Thomas has just finished some more stage's-videos. Also have a look at the 2014 image gallery (1.552 pictures) and the gallery by André Weichelt (280 pictures):

Video of stage 03 by Thomas Schug

Video of stage 04 by Thomas Schug

Photogallery 2014 (1.552 pics)

Photogallery by André Weichelt (280 pics)

Leaving me speechless
(which does not happen too often)

enjoy !

2014 Latest

GE 2014: more media output

Here more output from our this year's desert run:

Photo gallery from Andre Weichelt

Movie clip  from stage 02 by Thomas Schug

Joerg & Co.

2014 Latest

Finally, we´re back!!!

Since yesterday (sunday) all participants and organization-members are home safely according the latest update. ALL - sounds good, as this was the top target !!!

What is lying behind us is 2 weeks of rally, 4 days of sand-storm, many kilometres of desert, one stitched head-cut ...

... a more than fair race (really an extraordinary culture of giving each other a hand - otherwise i wouldn´t mention it) ...

... probably the most repair-manhours and spareparts-flight-miles in the history of the GE ...

... a Tunisian country, which was peaceful and friendly as ever, full of laughing, welcoming faces ...

... and lots of impressions, photos, videos and voices. From "could have been a bit longer" (the overall winner with the least driving hours) up to "this was the most sandy GE ever" (an every-year-repeater, who has got to know).

Of course, the post-processing is running at full throttle right now:

  • photos are being checked
  • videos are being cut
  • reports are being typed
  • wishes and suggestions are being collected
  • dates are being negotiated
  • and-and-and-and ...

Both film-teams are running hot and some output can already be enjoyed:

As soon as there is more, we will keep you updated.

Additionally there is the daily reporting including a first set of photos on RALLY 2014 and our "infocenter" with all stage- and overall-classements as well as introduction of the participating teams on: INFOCENTER.

2014 Latest

The Grand Erg is at the ready

The time has come:

  • the scouting-tour is chewed properly and distilled to a rally
  • some changes have been added to the regulations
  • time-schedule and organization-details are worked out
  • wishes and suggestions are integrated
  • german and english website are mucked out and reviewed
  • the online-entry-forms have been simplyfied...


The updated versions of announcement + regulations + forms are to be found here: Announcement & Co 2014.

To submit your online-application, check here:
Online entry 2014

Of course, we´ll keep you updated with further news, a 2014-issue of our rally-magazine "prerunner" and other sandy pleasures.

SO, GET STARTED, hammer your keyboards, ´cos ...

  • the early-bird-special ends on the 31st of december
  • the application-period ends on the 31st of january
  • the rallye itself starts on the 12th of april
2014 Latest

IT´S GONNA BE HOT: the photos from our scouting-tour are online

250 brand-new photos from our scouting-tour for the GE-2014 are waiting to be enjoyed..


2014 Latest

Back from the scouting

Fech Fech

2 hot weeks are lying behind us (in both meanings: weather- AND offroad-wise), but the efforts were worth it.

2013 latest

Rally-photos of Uwe Hevert are online

540 photos, hand-sorted by Uwe Hevert, are online now.


2013 latest

Photos from the GE summerparty 2013

A small-but-pretty gallery of 120 photos from our summer-party (formerly called after-race-feast) are online:


2013 latest

Photo-gallery from the GE-2013 rallye are online

Billions of billions of photos have been sorted and tagged to perfection, resulting in a best-of of 1967 (!!!) photos, who are speaking for themselves (of course with our beloved tag-and-search-function). Come in and enjoy the visual rally-overkill ...


2013 latest

First living pictures from the GE-2013 on YouTube

Some teazing previews from Thomas Schug´s GE-video 2013 are online, to be enjoyed on:

2013 latest

Next report about our 2013 race on

The next journalistic highlight from the GE-2013 is sneaking through the www. A warm "THANK YOU" to Uwe H. from W!

report on

2013 latest

First reports about the desert-run 2013

Oh, are we so pleased, how Markus S. has joined our race so attentive and photo-active, that we can´t keep ourselves from diving into the joys of reading and of looking forward to enjoying more of this kind of publications, helping us to carry our obsession into the world ...

report on
report on

2014 Latest

Here is the date for the 2014's edition of the GRAND ERG!

You want it - you get it: After the race is before the race, and as the early bird catches the diary-worm, we want to be first in your next year´s planning:

THE GE-2014 WILL TAKE PLACE AROUND EASTERN, departing from Genoa on Saturday, the 12th of April 2014, returnung to Genoa on Saturday, the 26th. (of course subject to possible changes in the CTN´s ferry-schedule).

Happy holiday-planning to everyone ...



Here you find all hot news, live from GRAND ERG 2013.
Please choose a rally day:


Infocenter 2014

All teams, all results of the rally 2014. Visit our infocenter with daily updates during the race!


Racemagazin 2014 klein EN


Prerunner Magazine 2014

Now available: PRERUNNER Magazine 2014. Now also available as PDF-Download.


GE At a glance

All features of the rally.


Touristic trip
around the rally

Begleitreise zur Rallye

For all of those, who want to take a deep breath of rally- and desert-air, without having to rush, having to wear a helmet. We offer the chance to accompany the event in a touristic group. Besides the "classic" destinations like the souk in Douz, the oasis of Ksar Ghilane or the star wars-site in Nefta, we offer visits to or even onto the race-track. Join our stewards on the special stages and experience the high-tech-racers in action!

For more information about the touristic programme, please contact Walter Schneider:



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